Polytrade & Trade Finance

2021, Polytrade has been best known till date for its pioneering work in trade finance, being one of the earliest protocols to raise capital in DeFi to fund real SMEs. Polytrade also created the first tokenized invoice and tokenized invoice backed lending pools in Lender v1 and Lender v2

In Q3 2023, Polytrade also showcased the RWA Marketplace for a demo for invoice receivables tokenization on the Mastercard MTN Network at the Mastercard’s Summit.

Unlocking Opportunities and Benefits

Why Invest in Trade Finance?

Capital Protection

Gain senior exposure to large $100M+ US and Europe buyers further supported by credit insurance

Secure Custody

Polytrade holds custody of all underlying assets and these assets are tokenized and viewable on the blockchain at all times

Historically Robust Asset Class

The trade finance asset class has a history of over a few hundred years with historical delinquencies below 1% as per ICC

Impeccable Track Record

Polytrade deploys capital through it's Singapore Entity with 10+ years of track record in the trade finance space

Compliant Architecture

Polytrade has been operating as a purchaser of receivables for more than 10 years and is compliant with all applicable laws

Professional Expertise

The Polytrade team consists of professionals from Societe Generale, J.P. Morgan, Fantom, Securrency, Amicorp, Gearbulk, and Kitara Capital


Loss Ratio from Jan 2022 till date


Trade Finance Market Size

10% +

Blended Yields