Brand Assets

Thanks for your interest in Polytrade.

These guidelines will help you make a correct use of our brand.

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Primary Logo

Our primary logo combines our word mark, Polytrade.

Wherever possible, we aim to use our primary logo in full-color. For dark backgrounds, please make sure to use our Inverted Primary Logo.

Primary Logo

This is the main Polytrade logo. It should be used in this form whenever possible.

PNG      SVG

Inverted Primary Logo

This version features a white wordmark for greater legibility on dark or busy backgrounds

PNG      SVG

Monotone Logo

When our primary or full-color logos aren’t an option, use the monotone logo that provides the most contrast.

Monotone Black

PNG      SVG

Monotone White

PNG      SVG

Our Colors

Flow Purple is Polytrade's hero color.
We use Rich Black for accents.


Our Typeface: Averta

Embracing Simplicity and Versatility