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Who we are

At Polytrade we are building financial technology for users, investors, lenders, and borrowers alike. We believe that the Blockchain will change financial systems forever, and a vibrant and efficient new frontier shall emerge - and we intend to make that happen soon. 

From the first tokenized invoice pool to a new tokenization standard (ERC-6960) and bringing Real World Assets together at the RWA Marketplace, Polytrade has blazed a path in the RWA space since launching in 2022 - and we aim to continue doing that for decades to come.

Finance x Technology


Piyush Gupta

Founder & CEO

Ashish Sood

Chief Product Officer

Milind Bansia

Head of Strategy

Mohammad Zakeri Rad

Blockchain Developer

Sushant Sharma

Associate Sales Director

Dharmin Panchotiya

Product Designer

Rishi Sharma

Principal Engineer

Rakesh KM

Operation Lead - India

Sayali Pandey

Treasury Manager

Khawla Hassan

Project Manager

Shreya Berry

Marketing Manager

Mohamad Hammoud

Full Stack Blockchain Developer

Odai Dayoub

Full Stack Developer

Parth Raj Bisht

Software Engineer

Tara Mathew

Full Stack Developer


Sandeep Nailwal

Founder & CEO, Polygon

Sameep Singhania

Co-Founder at Quickswap

Rahul Garg

Partner at Venture Highway


Co - Founder at 3Poch

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